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Customer References

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“Before engaging with NeedSec we were struggling to find a service provider that was able to clearly articulate their scope of works and how they were going to deliver positive business and technical outcomes for our business with a good return investment. NeedSec broke down all the deliverables for the project and provided our non-technical stakeholders a clear understanding of the proposed outcomes for the project.”

“As the president of a small non-profit organization, I cannot thank NeedSec enough. They did excellent job security testing our web administration site and mobile applications in both IOS and Android. NeedSec worked with our development and QA team to retest once new releases were available. The entire team and I could all tell that NeedSec takes pride in their work! It was an honour to work with Needsec, and I am looking forward to being a repeat customer for years to come.”
“We have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly NeedSec get to work on projects, obeying information security standards and guidelines. Working with NeedSec is a pleasure also because all deals on tests, operations, working hours and delivery dates are exceptionally precise. Penetration tests performed have uncovered vulnerabilities that were not found in code reviews and internal scans. The final reports are always nicely designed and contain all the details and data required by security standards.”