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Penetration Testing

Needsec is a boutique, top-tier provider of penetration testing services. Led by the best in the industry, our penetration testing team is constantly involved in security research, presenting at conferences and developing new attack capabilities.

Penetration Testing Experts

Our team of highly skilled professionals excels in the field of simulating cyber-attacks and employing sophisticated techniques, similar to those used by advanced cyber attackers and hackers. Our primary mission is to provide you with a comprehensive and authentic assessment of your organisation’s readiness to face real-world cyber threats.

Through rigorous testing of your systems, networks, and applications, we deliver invaluable insights into your organisation’s security posture. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions to strengthen your defences, enhance your cybersecurity strategy, and ultimately safeguard your critical assets in the face of the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

You can rely on NeedSec to be your trusted partner in proactively identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring that your business remains resilient against the complex and relentless digital adversaries of today.


Our detailed breakdown ensures transparency and clarity, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.


Our commitment to quality and innovation positions us at the forefront, driving advancements that continually redefine industry benchmarks.


We offer comprehensive and detailed reports that are accessible to both management and technical personnel.


Our commitment is unwavering. We continue to be a trusted security partner for our clients. Our focus is on building long-term relationships based on trust.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Security testing is at the core of our commitment to safeguarding digital applications. Our approach plays a pivotal role in ensuring the assurance lifecycle of your digital assets.

Our methodology seamlessly combines both automated and manual testing, offering a comprehensive assessment from authenticated and unauthenticated perspectives. We adhere to a proven, repeatable methodology aligned with industry standards, empowering our experienced testers to uncover vulnerabilities effectively.

Our approach doesn’t stop at addressing common vulnerability types; it’s designed to delve into the intricate layers of security. By leveraging our testers’ intuition, we discover even the most complex vulnerabilities.

Network Penetration Testing

We understand the pivotal role of maintaining a resilient network infrastructure in safeguarding your critical business services. Our comprehensive approach encompasses all networked components, including devices, routers, switches, systems, and hosts.

Our network testing methodology leaves no stone unturned, as we evaluate your network from both external and internal perspectives. This dual approach allows us to assess the vulnerability of your attack surface to potential breaches while also evaluating the effectiveness of your defensive controls against network traversal and the compromise of invaluable information assets.

With NeedSec Limited, you can trust in a thorough examination of your network infrastructure, ensuring the resilience and security needed to protect your business services.

Cloud Security Assessments

Securing your presence in the cloud demands a specialised approach. Unlike traditional testing, cloud security assessment focuses on auditing controls applied from the management plane rather than vulnerability testing of the underlying infrastructure. At NeedSec Limited, we excel in delivering a tailored, cloud-centric assessment to fortify your cloud environment.

Our cloud security assessment is rooted in evaluating and auditing the controls applied from the management plane. We recognise that robust cloud security relies on effective control implementation and management.

Everaging a combination of automated tools and manual investigation from an authenticated perspective, we meticulously identify all services deployed within your cloud environment. This includes uncovering misconfigurations and control gaps that may expose vulnerabilities.

Our assessment not only pinpoints vulnerabilities but also provides strategic insights into your cloud security posture. We offer recommendations and solutions to strengthen your cloud defenses, ensuring data integrity and resilience.


Mobile Application Penetration Testing

NeedSec Limited offers comprehensive Mobile Application Penetration Testing services, designed to identify and rectify vulnerabilities in your mobile applications. We understand that mobile apps are often the frontline in user interaction and data exchange, making them prime targets for cyber threats.

Our team employs a blend of automated tools and manual testing expertise to conduct in-depth analysis of your apps on various platforms. We scrutinise aspects like data storage, communication, and authentication processes, ensuring they withstand sophisticated attack scenarios.

Choosing NeedSec Limited for Mobile Application Penetration Testing means partnering with a leader in mobile security. We are dedicated to uncovering and mitigating risks, ensuring your mobile applications are not just functional but also fortified against evolving cybersecurity threats. Secure your mobile presence with NeedSec Limited, where advanced penetration testing meets deep-seated security knowledge.

Application Programming Interface (API) Penetration Testing

Understanding that APIs are crucial for the seamless interaction of applications, we delve deep into testing their security robustness. Our approach involves simulating sophisticated cyber attacks to expose potential vulnerabilities within your API ecosystem.

We employ a mix of automated and manual testing techniques, meticulously analysing authentication, authorisation, and data handling processes. This rigorous examination helps in identifying and mitigating security risks that could be exploited.

By entrusting NeedSec Limited with your API Penetration Testing, you are choosing a partner committed to excellence in cybersecurity. We help you safeguard your APIs from emerging threats, ensuring they remain secure and reliable conduits for your business operations. Elevate your API security with NeedSec – where advanced testing meets unparalleled expertise.

Secure Code Review Assessments

Ensuring the integrity and security of your application code is a critical aspect of maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture. Our Code Security Review involves a meticulous analysis of your application’s codebase. We thoroughly examine the code to ensure it aligns with industry best practices for security.

We employ a combination of dynamic and static analysis methods, integrating both manual and automated approaches. This holistic approach allows us to uncover sophisticated vulnerabilities that may remain hidden during routine testing.

By choosing NeedSec Limited for your Code Security Review, you benefit from a deep understanding of code security and a commitment to excellence. We help you identify and rectify vulnerabilities in your application code, ensuring the highest level of security for your software assets. Choose code security, choose diligence, choose NeedSec Limited.

Wireless Network (WiFi) Penetration Testing

Our WiFi Penetration Testing service is designed to rigorously assess the security of your WiFi networks. We simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals.

Our team combines the use of advanced penetration testing tools with manual expertise to detect weaknesses in network configuration, encryption, and authentication mechanisms. This comprehensive approach enables us to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your network security.

We help secure your wireless networks against evolving threats, ensuring robust protection for your critical data and communications. Opt for unparalleled WiFi security expertise; choose NeedSec.

Build Configuration Reviews

Elevating the security standards of networked devices is a fundamental step in bolstering the overall security framework of your organization. At NeedSec Limited, we offer an efficient and scalable approach to enhance your security baseline.

Our Build and Configuration Review service provides a cost-effective strategy to raise the security bar for all networked devices. By auditing the operating system and security configurations, we fortify ‘default’ controls that guard against common attacker tactics and techniques.

Our thorough review covers a spectrum of critical devices, including servers, workstations, firewalls, switches, routers, IDS/IPS, and other organisational assets. We scrutinise these configurations to protect against threats such as privilege escalation, malware delivery, and software vulnerabilities exploitation.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

At NeedSec Limited, we understand that proactive cybersecurity measures are crucial to safeguarding your digital assets. Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning service serves as a vital complement to manual Penetration Testing, offering a comprehensive approach to vulnerability management.

With Managed Vulnerability Scanning from NeedSec Limited, you can stay ahead of emerging threats, protect your digital assets, and maintain a robust security posture. Choose proactive cybersecurity, choose peace of mind, choose NeedSec Limited.

IT Health Check (ITHC)

NeedSec Limited specialises in providing IT Health Checks, specifically tailored for the UK public sector. Our service focuses on conducting comprehensive penetration testing to ensure that public sector IT systems meet the rigorous standards of security and resilience required by  regulations.

Our experienced team employs a blend of sophisticated testing methodologies to thoroughly evaluate your IT infrastructure, applications, and networks. We simulate real-world attack scenarios to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors. This includes assessing compliance with relevant UK government frameworks and standards.

By selecting NeedSec Limited for your IT Health Checks, you benefit from our deep understanding of public sector security requirements and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of digital security. We aid public sector organisations in strengthening their defenses, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information. Trust NeedSec for IT Health Checks – ensuring public sector cybersecurity at its finest.

Public Sector Network (PSN) Penetration Testing

At NeedSec Limited, we offer specialided PSN Penetration Testing services, essential for ensuring the security of Public Services Network (PSN)-connected infrastructures in the UK.

Recognising the critical role of PSN in public sector communications and data exchange, our testing is meticulously designed to meet the stringent compliance requirements set by the UK government.

Our expert team conducts extensive penetration tests to evaluate the resilience of your PSN-connected systems against cyber threats. We assess various components, including network infrastructure, applications, and end-point devices, utilising a comprehensive range of testing techniques. This proactive approach helps in uncovering potential security gaps and vulnerabilities.

Choosing NeedSec Limited for your PSN Penetration Testing ensures you receive a service deeply rooted in expertise and aligned with public sector security standards. We are committed to helping you maintain the integrity and security of your PSN connections, providing peace of mind in an increasingly digitalised public sector environment. Trust in NeedSec for your PSN security needs.